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Quilting machine
Fancy Yarn machine
Embroidery machine
Spinning Unit
Importer & Exporters of All type Textile waste, Acrylic, Fibers, Yarns, Plastic Granules,
Fiber Glass, PMMA Sheets, Cotton Seed & Other Recycled Waste.

We will maximize the market value of all your textile waste by moving your textile waste directly from source to the textile mill. Eros Polyfab will market all your textile waste with the availability of balers, trailers, containers, and hauling. In essence, with the tremendous growth that now faces the textile and textile recycling industries, Eros Polyfab is prepared to keep up the pace of all textile waste generated as we textile recycle into the new economy
The Present...

Today, the Eros Polyfab comprises of five companies engaged in manufacturing and trading- both domestic and international , of fibers, yarns, knitwear, home furnishing and even textile machinery.

The Group deals in over 120 tons of Acrylic, Polyester and Nylon per month.

We offer products ranging from raw material to finished products. From 100% acrylic and polyester fibers, wool-blended yarns, polyester textile yarns, nylon filament yarn, woolen shoddy yarns, and hand knitting yarns to kids wear, shirts, pullovers and blankets. The group has a workforce of over 250 committed personnel working towards providing competitively priced products offering excellent value for money.

The Future...

With the wisdom of over 40 years of experience and fresh perspective of young talent, Eros Polyfab is forward integrating into Garment Manufacturing. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is being set up to cater to all types of garment requirements of both domestic and international customers. The unit will be operational by the end of 2002.

We have plans to expand our current textile related businesses and also aim to reach out to the world with diverse product.   

Product Range...
About 8 million pounds of textile waste is not recycled and is land filled each year. Eros is experienced in the implementation, management, and marketing of all textile & fiber waste generated in today's Textile recycling industry. We buy and sell all grades of textile & Fiber Waste such as:

Recycle Waste Materials

Acrylic Waste: Acrylic colored wool waste, Acrylic thread waste, Fiber (A& B Grade), Tow waste, Yarn waste, Soft & Hard waste, lapses etc.

Polyester/Pet waste: Pet flakes,  Polyester crimped, Tire Cord Yarn Waste,  Fiber, Popcorn, Lumps, PET Flakes, Filament waste for melting, Fiber (A& B Grade) Tow waste, Top waste, Soft & Hard waste etc.

Cotton Waste: cotton Linter, Cotton Seed, Wool etc.

Yarn, fiber, Tow & all kinds of viscose wastes.

Nylon: Fibers, Tow, waste, Tire Cord yarn Waste, Lumps & filaments for Melting.

Plastic Granules:  BOPP Films, ABS, Virgin quality Granules, LLDPE, Powder Chips, HIPS,  PP Repro, LDPE

PMMA Sheets:

Fiber Glass: used for insulation

Fiber & Yarns

We manufacture Woolen Shoddy yarns, Acrylic yarns, polyester Blended yarns, and hand knitting yarns.
We are agents for a few companies and deal in Acrylic, Polyester, Polyester Recycled fibers, Polyester Textile fibers and nylon filament yarns.

Kids wear, pullovers, Cardigans, Hand Gloves, T-shirts, Shirts, jackets, socks etc.

Home Furnishing
Bed Sheets, Bed Covers, Quilts, AC Sets, Baby Blankets, Cushion Covers, Pillows etc.
Orders solicited for customized production also.

We have a very strong network of suppliers in every industry and have the capability to supply anything based on specifications in any part of the world at the most competitive prices.

Presently  we are exporting....                                                                                                                                                     

100% Acrylic, Wool Blended yarns, Shoddy yarns.

Acrylic sweaters, Cardigans, Mufflers, t-shirts, Jackets etc.

Wool Blended and shoddy blankets.

Textile Raw Material
Acrylic fiber, fiber waste, tow waste and soft silver waste of 3 to 5 denier (gray or dyed), Polyester fiber, fiber waste, tow waste of 3 to 6 denier (gray or dyed) and soft waste, Nylon dyer cord yarn waste, Rags, Shoddy raw material, Polyester textures yarn.

Mink blanket
Textile Machinery
Garment Accessories
Spinning, Embroidery, and even complete cut and sew plants.



Eros Polyfab is an the escalating & masterly managed company that made is track in this field in the year 1991. The company its pledged to manufacturer, export & import of all kinds of textile machinery, yarn, fibers, garments & home furnishing.

Eros Polyfab is an escalating & masterly managed company that made track in this field in the year 1991.

Representing a major manufacturers to market their yarn in domestic & natural market.